The Book of Luke

In this book found in the Bible, written by the apostle Luke, it is a composition that was written long after Jesus ascended into heaven, a summary of what Luke was able to write down about his experience. Although no original copies of this particular gospel have been preserved, which is common with documents that would now be over 2000 years old, it is a very well written account of his time with the Savior. There are many similarities and dissimilarities between the other four main books in the New Testament which include the writings of the Apostles Matthew, Mark, and John. Here is an overview of those similarities, and areas where there are additional accounts, reflecting upon what occurred at this time.

Structure Of The Gospel Of Luke

In this particular book, there is an account of Jesus and John the Baptist. It describes what is commonly referred to as Jesus’s messianic mission, starting in Galilee, and leading to the crucifixion. It does have an account of his confrontation with the Pharisees that were at the Jewish Temple, and the Last Supper. It also refers to the Ascension, reflecting upon the fact that Jesus was divinely ordained, with some anticipation of what would later be known as the Book of Acts.

Parallel Accounts Within The Gospel of Luke

The four main Gospels all have some similarities which is a testament to their validity. They describe many of the same things. This includes Jesus being presented at the Temple in Jerusalem, his 40 days in the desert, and when Jesus receives the Holy Spirit. There are multiple accounts of Jesus healing the sick, and His death and resurrection. It is considered by many to be one of the best of the four primary books of the New Testament, a book that is filled with a great deal of detail, as well as unique perspectives from that of the Apostle Luke.